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Our Hub concept sets us apart.

Each of our Hub locations includes experts from the service areas you need to navigate the divorce process – 

emotional, financial, legal, parenting, real estate, and more. 

Our secret to providing the best in care for Vesta clients? 

Our Hub professionals collaborate and work as a team to help you through the process. 

This reduces anxiety, saves you time and money, and improves outcomes for you and your family. 

STATE Divorce Professionals

comprehensive, compassionate support

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At Vesta we are a group of divorce professionals with a New Vision for Divorce. We have built a better way for people to navigate the divorce process by providing access to expert advice, professional counseling, and a community of support before, during, and after divorce.

Vesta: New Vision for Divorce

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Our localized Hubs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern California offer no-cost events, concierge services, and vetted professionals from the range of services needed during divorce, including legal, financial, real estate, wellness, mortgage specialists, and more.