Top Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our services, please give us a call at 

877-355-7649 or email team@vestadivorce.com. You can also reach out to us by clicking the “Contact Us Form” button below. 

What is Vesta?

Vesta provides a full-service program to support people considering, going through or are post divorce. We offer one-on-one consultation with our concierge service, complimentary educational webinars, and access to our expert, collaborative professionals group. We  educate, connect and empower people going through any phase of divorce or post-divorce.

Why choose vesta?

Vesta offers  a “new vision for divorce,” in that we help people get through the divorce process as safely and as whole as possible so they can move on to a better life. The Vesta Divorce Process  grew out of our real life experiences and is designed to make the process way less daunting and painful – and it really works.

How does it work?

Vesta professionals go through a thorough vetting process and excel in both expertise and empathy. They work as a team to cover all of the facets involved in the divorce process, helping clients with their legal, emotional and financial needs. The benefits of the Vesta system are clear: working with our coordinated team saves time, stress, and money.

What does it cost to utilize Vesta’s resources?

Most of our many weekly events are free to attend. A select group of our in-person events, such as our weekend retreats, have a moderate fee  to help cover food and accommodations. 


A 30 min call with our Divorce Concierge Service is complimentary. Our Concierge will help guide you to the events and/or vetted divorce professionals that best fit your needs, and then our professionals will provide an initial consultation for no charge as well. If you choose to hire one or more of our professionals, they will charge you according to their individual fee structures. Vesta does not get referral fees or make a profit from professional fees, so our goal in matching you with the right resources is always the priority.

Are your events a sales pitch?

Vesta’s events are never a sales pitch. Our webinars and in-person events are designed to be 100% informational and supportive. Our goal is for you to leave the event feeling more confident and better informed and prepared, feeling ready to take on the next steps in your divorce process. All of our professionals strongly believe in the value that we provide to people going through divorce. Our company is a social enterprise, where we believe in doing well by doing good. 

Do you encourage people to get divorced?

Our goal is to provide information and support so each person can make the best informed choices possible for themselves and their loved ones. These are potentially life-changing decisions and the process can be quite difficult. We offer education through events, connections to expert professionals, and one-on-one concierge support – these are the tools you need to make your next move and map out your future. Whether the final decision  is to work on improving the marriage and find the needed support, or to move forward with divorce, Vesta is here to help.

I am considering/going through divorce and feel stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure of where to start. How can I move forward?

It is common to feel uncertain and overwhelmed about the process. The important thing to do is to take some action… some step… to educate yourself and to connect to the right resources so you can move forward. Take it one day, one step at a time. That step could be registering to attend our events or webinars; or it could be scheduling a call with our concierge. Calls with our concierge are complementary and 100% confidential. The concierge will talk with you about your situation and connect you with the right resources and/or help you determine which events fit your needs.

Do I have to be in the divorce process or have made the decision to get divorced in order to reach out to Vesta or come to your events?

No, you do not. We have many people reach out to us and attend our events who are in the process of considering separation and/or divorce and have not decided their next steps. Some have not yet discussed the prospects  of divorce with their spouse.

Is my participation at Vesta’s events confidential?

Yes, your participation at our events and webinars is 100% confidential. If you would prefer to sign up for our events directly instead of via Eventbrite, you can contact us at 877-355-7649 or Team@VestaDivorce.com. When you attend our webinars, your identity is protected from the other attendees; only the professionals leading the webinar are able to see the name that you use to sign into the webinar. You are able to ask questions verbally, via chat, or anonymously via the Q&A function.

What types of services are covered by the professionals in Vesta’s network?

Vesta proudly partners with the best attorneys/mediators, financial planners, realtors, mortgage specialists, life & relationship coaches, divorce coaches, parenting coaches, loan officers, career coaches, fitness trainers, health and wellness experts, mental health practitioners and personal stylists.

Are Vesta’s events gender neutral?

Yes! Vesta’s Events are designed to serve all genders, attending the same seminar. Although everyone’s situation is different, we believe it is beneficial for attendees to get perspective and insight from one another.

How do you select the professionals who are part of Vesta’s network?

All of the professionals who are part of Vesta’s network have gone through an extensive, intensive vetting process. They apply to join the network, are interviewed by professionals on Vesta’s Leadership Team, and are run  through background checks and training. They are chosen for their expertise, compassion, and dedication to helping people with divorce.



Are you looking for help but don’t know where to turn? 

Vesta offers a full slate of complimentary events where you can connect with our expert professionals and get the information and support you need. We will help you find your way. 


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At Vesta we are a group of divorce professionals with a New Vision for Divorce. We have built a better way for people to navigate the divorce process by providing access to expert guidance, professional counseling, and a community of support before, during, and after divorce.

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