Divorce Concierge

we are here to help guide you through your process

Our Divorce Concierge is a unique resource designed to provide personalized guidance and  support through all phases of your divorce process: before, during, and after. 


We have been where you are now, and we know how to help. Give us a call, sign up for one of our complimentary events, and let us assist you on the road to healing and happiness. The goal of the Divorce Concierge is to assess your unique circumstance and advise you – at no charge – on your options. We will direct you to the Vesta events and webinars that are best suited for you and your specific situation. The Divorce Concierge will also connect you with the Vesta’s vetted divorce professionals by directly scheduling initial consultations with the professionals that would be most beneficial to you in your divorce process and your post-divorce life.


We are experts in this field, and we can make the process a much smoother, and less expensive, experience. And you will find that you have more clarity, confidence, and greater peace of mind…which is priceless. 

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Our Story

The beginning and the now

About Us

Our Origin Story

Vesta was born when co-founder Deanna Coyle, a stay-at-home mom and former Wall Street securities analyst, experienced a debilitating divorce. She felt isolated and alone throughout the life-changing process, ending up emotionally exhausted and financially devastated. She vowed to use her experience to figure out a better way to navigate the divorce process. Deanna had a vision for making this critical life transition easier with personal guidance (our Concierge services), access to vetted experts (our Professionals), and a robust support network (our Events). 

After her divorce, Deanna went back to work in financial services and spent her weekends building her vision, offering divorce “Boot Camps” to friends and neighbors. Her small group grew quickly, fueled only by word-of-mouth. She began hosting Meet Up groups and inviting other professionals to present to the network. Within two years, Deanna quit her job to build Vesta full-time, and formed a partnership with two friends/financial service co-workers, Robert Vona and Samantha Steer. They, along with their Leadership Team, are now working together to expand Vesta throughout the United States and Beyond!

Divorce Concierge Process

Schedule your free consultation call today

  • Schedule a 30-minute complimentary call with Vesta’s Divorce Concierge on Calendly.  

  • Fill out a short intake form about you and your current divorce process. 


  • Speak with the Concierge, ask questions, and address any clarifying questions that the Divorce Concierge has for you.


  • Follow-up on any action steps (which will be sent to you after the call).

How our Concierge may help you:

  • Education – We are here to share with you what we know about the divorce process and impacts.
  • Preparation – We will help you understand each step and prepare for action.
  • Connection – Our favorite thing is to connect people with our trusted professionals and amazing,  supportive community.
  • Empowerment – Our system is a confidence-builder, and we help you find your way.
  • Isolation – It is critical that you get the help you need, and we are here to support you. 
  • Guidance – Vesta provides a support structure and a safe, secure environment.
  • Advice – Our Concierge service will spend as much time as it takes to help take you to the next steps. Please take the time to thoroughly complete our confidential questionnaires.
  • Scheduling – We will help you schedule and keep your divorce process appointments.
  • Support – We provide you with customized support geared toward your specific situation.
  • Follow up – We continue to be there for you after events and retreats, offering continued support.
  • Responsibility – We will continue to follow up with you, both during and after connection with professionals, to make sure your needs are being met.
  • Implementation – After your divorce we offer support in implementing the follow-up items from the agreement (i.e. transferring titles, moving, handling QDROs, employment development).


~ Expressions of gratitude for the VESTA Divorce Concierge ~



We take the guesswork out of choosing the right specialists for the many facets of your divorce – emotional, legal, financial, real estate/mortgage, personal wellness, and co-parenting. We at Vesta invite only the best professionals to join our network – those who excel in their fields and provide caring, compassionate service. Our rigorously vetted, top notch professionals work together as a team to provide you with comprehensive support and expert guidance.



All of our events are offered at no charge. We believe in building community and trust, and in providing this critical service to all who are in need of support and guidance. If you need one-on-one professional divorce services, we are here to guide you to the right experts and help you build your team, at whatever phase you may be in the separation and divorce process.