Navigating a Career Transition? Dare to Dream Big!

By Suzanne Blake, Career Coach

In our career journey, life can throw unexpected disruptions before, during, or after significant life events, such as divorce. If you find yourself in the midst of a career transition, it’s essential to keep a few key things in mind.

From senior executives to individual contributors, many job seekers often undervalue their talents and skills, trying to fit into the conventional marketplace rather than exploring their true passions. This lack of confidence and the belief that we must think small and be practical often hold us back. However, after witnessing numerous dreams come true over my 27 years of assisting people, I can confidently say that thinking big, being strategic, playing smart, and working hard do pay off!

To start your journey, take a moment to reflect on your past references, positive compliments, and endorsements. Identify what others have praised you for, which skills they appreciate, and the strengths that stand out. Use this list to build your self-worth and keep it on hand for future interviews.

People often tend to judge their dreams as egotistical or beyond their reach. I experienced a similar hesitation when I wanted to spread the word about the power of coaching during its early days. I thought it was impractical to achieve, but I decided to give it my best shot anyway. Eventually, to my amazement, I found myself featured in prestigious media outlets like the New York Times, the Boston Globe, NPR, and The Today Show. I had initially felt that being a media spokesperson for coaching was silly and vain, but by staying connected to the true essence of my dream—my love for coaching and desire to share it—I attracted experiences that led me to my ultimate goal. Was it easy? No. Was I terrified? Yes. Did I stumble and fall? Yes. But in the end, I achieved my goal, and the fulfillment of helping people create their own “wish list” for their careers and relationships was beyond compare. If hundreds of my clients can do it, so can you!

I must give credit to Marcia Weider, America’s Dream Coach, for sharing this analogy with me: When we dream, it’s crucial to focus on the essence of the dream itself, like the exhilaration of riding in a hot air balloon, soaring high above, or any other analogy that captures your aspirations. Don’t worry about the details of how you’ll make it happen just yet, as premature concerns can deflate your spirits before you even take off. So, be a dreamer like Steve Jobs—first, dream big, and then you can figure out how to turn that dream into reality.

Now, take a moment to jot down your thoughts about what you genuinely desire in your work activities, the kind of people you want to work with, the ideal work environment, or any other dreams you may be holding onto. Then, embrace your dreams, think big, and take that first step toward a more rewarding and meaningful career life.  ##

About Suzanne:

With over 28 years of successful experience in helping professionals at all levels overcome setbacks in their careers, I find great joy in guiding clients through career transitions and discovering the most fulfilling and rewarding career paths.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey towards a more meaningful and fulfilling career life, I’m here to support you.

Click here to learn more about Suzanne. Click here to schedule an appointment with Suzanne. Email: Tel: 508-241-4504

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