Judge Linda Prestley (Ret.)

In family life, we all encounter crossroads. Most of the time, we’re able to navigate those moments and move on. At times of particular stress, we may benefit from some guidance.

Mediation is often a faster, more economical, and less contentious way to resolve disputes. It’s a great alternative to litigation because it leaves the decision making in your hands. It also allows you to control the outcome of your case and when children are involved, to be the decision makers for your own family. Which in the end, is in their best interests.

I specialize in mediating divorce, child custody, financial issues, blended family disputes and other family matters. I bring to my practice knowledge, experience, and mediation skills developed over three decades of legal and judicial training and practice.

After my appointment to the bench in 2000, I was assigned to various courts and the lion’s share of my judicial experience centered on Family law. After two decades on the bench, I have continued to serve families as a private mediator. In this role, I am able to assist clients in resolving both complex and simple disputes and to guide them toward resolving points of contention short of an actual trial. My watch words are to be real and stay positive and I have a record of success in helping clients come up with a resolution or a plan that they can’t always find in the throes of disagreement or the fog of divorce.

Whether your goal is to divorce or to adjust an existing parenting plan to meet your child’s changing needs, mediation will provide you that safe space to make your own family decisions as you focus on what is truly important.

My services are available remotely or in-person.

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