Ian Steinberg

Ian Steinberg is a matrimonial and family law attorney with Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein, LLP. Before practicing matrimonial law, Ian was a real estate attorney representing clients throughout New York City. Ian’s compassion and ability to work with those going through challenging times made him realize he was interested in a more personal field of law and matrimonial law was his calling.

Ian’s ability to account for his client’s emotions while working hard to keep them in check is a significant asset. Ian can steer Vesta participants down the right path by utilizing his practical negotiation with his knowledge of the law, allowing Ian to provide Vesta participants with the service they deserve.

Ian joined Vesta because of its great resources, which serve to educate those who are going through a divorce. In addition, these resources can help empower those going through a difficult time to successfully transition into the next phase of their lives. Ian believes that the Vesta community provides a robust community that helps its members and participants grow and achieve the best results possible.

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Email: isteinberg@berkbot.com

Tel: 212-867-9123

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