Carolyn Laredo

I learned from my parents’ divorce and my own just how painful and confusing the process can be. I swore that when I became an attorney-mediator, no other family that works with me would experience what I went through. Many years ago, I changed my mediation practice to incorporate co-mediation. Co-mediation involves having two mediators work together as a team. Some of the advantages of this approach include: the mediation team can represent disputants’ diverse characteristics, a disputant has a better chance of feeling a sense of trust with at least one of the two mediators, the disputants have the advantage of the combined expertise of two mediators whose skills enhance and complement each other. I feel privileged to be in the unique position of applying my legal expertise to helping people develop their own solutions. People going through divorce can experience emotionally intense, private, and legally intimidating situations and my hope is to guide them with an effective pathway that leads to the best possible outcome for them and their family.

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