Michelle A. Lawless

A passionate family lawyer, Michelle Lawless has served in the field of family law for over two decades because she is passionate about helping clients through difficult and complex situations. She strives to minimize the emotional and financial trauma often caused by family disputes or divorce so that her clients feel understood and supported throughout the process.

Michelle focuses on a practical approach by problem-solving ways to resolve matters outside of court. As a mediator or lawyer in an attorney-assisted mediation setting, she focuses on trying to create solutions to best meet the parties’ goals, needs, and interests which can help minimize conflict.

“Part of representing any client in the divorce context is being able to provide them with appropriate resources and support beyond just legal advice,” says Michelle. “The Vesta model is particularly attractive because it provides comprehensive, vetted resources readily available to help assist clients with a variety of situations and circumstances—often times ones that may not be anticipated when the process begins.”

Michelle has spent 20 years litigating and negotiating complex family law disputes in Illinois including the valuation of closely held corporations, tax ramifications of settlement options, executive compensation packages, jurisdictional disputes, complex custody matters, and spousal and child support. Her litigation experience provides a unique perspective to the settlement of disputes in a mediation setting.

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Email: michelle@malfamilylaw.com

Tel: (312) 741-1092

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