A New Year – A New You – Time for Reinvention

Deborah Raymond, a Career Coach with our Hingham and Newton, MA Hubs, provides important guidance on creating a new vision for the New Year both personally and professionally in the highlighted blog below, A New Year – A New You – Time for Reinvention.

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A New Year – A New You – Time for Reinvention

As the calendar turns to 2021, it’s a good time to look towards the new year and what that may mean for you personally and professionally. What are the things from the past year that you felt good about? What are the things you really would prefer to change? Take the opportunity to create a new vision for 2021!

If you’re thinking about returning to work and aren’t sure that you want to do the job you had before, start thinking about the things you enjoyed in your previous work life and personal life. What skills have you successfully acquired that can be applied to a new role? What are the things you do that people compliment you on?

Are there friends/family members that do something for work that you find interesting? Perhaps you want to explore their jobs with them in more depth? Talking to people and reading about different job opportunities can help give you a deeper understanding of what makes you feel jazzed.

With the new year upon us, you may have a chance to see close family members/friends – let them know you’re thinking about returning to work and seek out offers for help with your job search. It’s also a great time for reaching out to people by sending new year cards with a note inside to update them on your current status.

If you’re turning the corner in your personal life, this may be a time to consider if you want to start to date and strategize a plan for making that happen. Here again, friends and family can support you and make introductions to other single people.

Take the time to make a plan and make a change!

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