Laura McGee

Laura is a Mediator specializing in divorce, parent planning and other family matters.  She is the founder of Leave Strong Divorce Services located in the Village of Carlsbad, CA.

Most couples who elect to work with Laura hire her to be their mediator because they want a cost-conscious, conflict managed and streamlined divorce process. Many of those couples have children and they want help designing a parent plan that meets their specific family needs and keeps the children out of their conflict. Laura also works with couples in the contemplation stage of divorce who may want to negotiate financial guidelines or parenting structure during a trial separation. Some clients need post-divorce support, even if they have previously relied on the courts or another mediator, Laura can help couples who want to modify their parent plan and or child and spousal support in a confidential and supported manner. Regardless of where couples are in their process Laura’s years of experience and training, calm, professional demeanor and facilitative approach empowers them to truly leave strong.

As soon as Laura learned about Vesta’s mission to change how couples divorce and saw how carefully they vetted their professional members Laura knew Vesta was perfectly aligned with her own collaborative model as a mediator and professional mission statement to help couples and families to use what could be a destructive time in their lives and truly transform into the best version of themselves.

Laura graduated in 1984 with her law degree from the University of British Columbia and spent 20 years as a very successful trial lawyer working on behalf of plaintiffs. She has acquired over 300 hours of training as a mediator from such prestigious institutions as The Justice Institute of British Columbia and the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine.  Laura is a skilled speaker and trainer and she mentors’ other mediators. She typically mediates over 60 divorces a year and is praised by her clients for her calming presence, clear ability to educate, inform, set boundaries, and create a safe and productive environment for mediation.

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Tel: 760-809-3869

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