Kelly Myers

As a divorce and mediation coach, and co-parenting specialist, Kelly believes that helping you navigate the divorce process through managing your emotions, creating a divorce support team, and finding clarity on wants and needs will enable you to use your divorce to build a strong foundation for your future. Kelly has invested over a thousand hours of training in order to have the expertise needed to support you in having the most successful divorce outcome possible. She believes much of the conflict that occurs during divorce is due to a lack of information. Not having the information needed to make decisions can create a well-spring of emotion that can derail the whole divorce process. Kelly believes her job as a coach is to:

  1. Make sure you understand the realities of the legal system
  2. Help you identify where you have knowledge gaps and direct you to the right professionals to gain the information needed
  3. Assist you in creating your post-divorce goals so you can remain focused on finding a resolution that will allow you to thrive when the divorce is over.

Having gone through her own divorce in 2012, Kelly brings not only a professional understanding of what the divorce process entails, but also a very personal perspective on the individual toll of divorce. Her goal is to create clarity out of the chaos of divorce and make what can be a confusing, frustrating, and often hurtful process more manageable by helping you focus on what you can control.  For things that can’t be controlled, Kelly will assist you in finding your center, staying true to your values, and maintaining your dignity, grace, and integrity in times of high conflict and stress. Kelly will also help you work through the confusion, uncertainty, fear and overwhelm to find the clarity of knowing who you are and what you want out of your next stage in life.

Kelly is proud to be a part of the Vesta network because she strongly believes that the divorce process needs to change. The trauma of divorce not only hurts the individuals divorcing, but also the children and extended families. She believes in helping you build a divorce team that is focused on using their professional skill sets to assist you in making strategic decisions during the divorce process. Kelly also believes it is important to shift the focus of divorce from one that is focused on “winning the battle” to one that is supportive and focused on creating a strong foundation for all parties to thrive post-divorce.

Kelly is a graduate of the University of San Diego, where she also earned her paralegal certificate from USD’s ABA approved paralegal program. She went on to receive her coach training from Coach U, and the Certified Divorce Coach program. In addition to Kelly’s widespread training and experience in coaching, she also earned her Divorce Mediation certificate from Northwestern University and has taken multiple Divorce and Family Mediation trainings with the acclaimed Mosten Guthrie Academy under the tutelage of Forrest (“Woody”) Mosten and Susan Guthrie. Recognizing the importance of managing high conflict in the divorce arena, Kelly has been trained by Bill Eddy in High Conflict Mediation and as a New Ways for Families Coach. To add to her high conflict skills, she is trained in the Cinergy Model of conflict coaching. Kelly is also passionate in her advocation of developing balanced co-parenting strategies to build harmony within the new family dynamic. Her commitment to helping separating and divorcing parents restructure their families in a more positive and productive manner led her to being a part of the Co-Parenting Specialist Certification training team at Mosten Guthrie Academy. As a part of the team, she works to create child-centered trainings to help divorce professionals learn how to bring the voices of the children into the divorce process. 

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