Jennifer Hawthorne Kelsey

Jennifer (Jen) is a mediator and attorney who focuses her practice primarily on non-litigation family law. She has been practicing family law as a mediator and Collaborative Attorney since 2013. In addition to her work with Vesta, Jen is a partner at Skylark Law and Mediation in Southborough, MA. She is also the President Elect (two-year term as President to begin in March 2024) of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council (MCLC), a member of the board of the Massachusetts Council of Family Mediators (MCFM),  and a member of the board of the Academy of Professional Mediators (APFM).

In addition to over a decade of experience helping clients navigate conflict around divorce and parenting, Jen is co-parenting her own  children with her former spouse and is a bonus parent to her current spouse’s children. She fully understands the emotional toll that experiencing your own divorce and family changes through your children’s eyes can take. Even in the best of circumstances, where both parents agree that the marriage is over and both parents are committed to being successful co-parents, a support network to help you through the divorce process, your new lifestyle, and solo parenting is a necessity. 

Since she first began practicing, Jen has been committed to helping her clients navigate the divorce process in a manner that empowered them to make fully informed decisions regarding their divorce while still preserving important ongoing relationships. Especially when children are involved, marriages end but families do not. Jen will help you and your family not only survive this time in your life, but also to thrive through it. 

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