Enrique Koenig

Enrique is a professional family mediator. He is also an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Academy of Family Mediators for the Association for Conflict Resolution, and a Certified Practitioner Member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. Enrique is fully bilingual in both the English and Spanish languages and is the principal founder of Koenig Mediation, LLC.

Enrique’s focus is on providing clients with family conflict, the necessary support and encouragement to facilitate informed decision-making. This kind of process provides families with a more viable plan to resolve their differences in a more cost-effective manner. By approaching conflict within the family with a cooperative approach in mind, families have an opportunity to explore the resolution of conflict creatively rather than adversely. Knowing that life still continues after divorce, couples working together with Enrique can deeply probe into their areas of disagreement and together find alternatives to solve difficult problems. Families will have an opportunity to plan ahead and know that their individual needs and interests will be explored in detail beyond the legal issues and rights of both.

Enrique’s objective in every family mediation setting is to empower people and lead them to become more proficient problem solvers. By visualizing and creating a suitable and workable blueprint by mutual agreement, families can effectively address their relational, financial and retirement goals within the scope of their individual family dynamic.

Enrique joined Vesta because he is an ardent believer in collaborative approaches to problem-solving. The idea of bringing together highly competent professionals to work collaboratively to help families facing divorce is very unique. This novel model aids people to make better-informed decisions, to get through the process with more confidence, and not only helps each family to save time and money, but also incorporates a new approach to the traditional divorce process as a whole.

In 1998, Enrique attained his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law. After law school, Enrique continued to manage, with his brothers, the various family business interests in Mexico, and also became more focused as a business investor in the United States. Working with families to advance business interests, Enrique has well understood the value of transparency and collaboration in family business relations. In 2009, Enrique began his quest to become a mediator to assist people in conflict to solve problems via cooperation and collaboration. After serving the Los Angeles Superior Court as a mediator volunteer, Enrique continued to advance his education and practicum focused on enhancing his skills as a family mediation professional.  After completing the necessary requirements in 2014, Enrique was inducted into the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), Academy of Family Mediators as an Advanced Practitioner. He was thereafter approved as a Certified Practitioner Member of The Academy of Professional Family Mediators.

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