Finding Hidden Assets – Vesta San Diego, CA Hub

Join Vesta for a CONFIDENTIAL event focusing on key financial issues in divorce, including finding hidden assets and income.Statistics indicate that couples who argue about money on average once a week are more likely to get divorced. Indeed, money is the second cause of divorce next to infidelity. Regardless of what has brought you to […]

Key Financial Issues – Vesta’s Newton, MA Hub

Join our CONFIDENTIAL event focused on key financial considerations when divorcing while planning your financial future after divorce. Divorce can bring unique challenges and opportunities to a person's financial picture. Join Newton, MA Hub to learn more about the financial implications of your divorce and receive guidance on how to plan your financial future.Topics Covered:How […]

Tips for Divorce Negotiations – Vesta Irvine, CA Hub

Join us for a CONFIDENTIAL event focused on essential tips and best strategies for negotiating a successful divorce agreement.During this essential conversation, you will learn tips on the best ways to negotiate a divorce agreement that will be in the best interest for you, your family, and your future. Join our Vesta Irvine, CA Hub […]

Emotions and Your Divorce– Vesta’s Bergen & Passaic County, NJ Hub

Join our CONFIDENTIAL event focused on providing you with coping strategies related to the emotional stressors of separation and divorce.Join our Bergen & Passaic County NJ Hub to learn the emotional techniques you need to live your life fully. Whether you are just contemplating divorce, in the middle of the process, or already divorced, this […]

Asset Division, Retirement Accounts and QDRO – Vesta Irvine, CA Hub

Join us for a CONFIDENTIAL webinar designed to answer questions related to asset division, retirement and the QDRO process in divorce.Our Vesta Irvine, CA Hub will be leading this discussion and will share their strategies when working with divorcing clients on the very important topic of Asset Division, Retirement Accounts, and the QDRO process.Topics Covered:Property […]

Alimony, Child Support & Co-Parenting – Vesta’s Westborough, MA Hub

Join us for a CONFIDENTIAL event to address your questions & concerns about alimony, child support guidelines, & the best ways to co-parent.Join our Westborough, MA's Hub of experts in divorce law and finance who will address this critical topic. The question of who pays alimony and child support in a divorce, how much the […]

What to Know When Divorcing a Narcissist – Westchester/ Rockland, NY Hub

At our CONFIDENTIAL event, you'll learn how to manage the legal, financial, real estate, mortgage, and emotional issues related to divorce.Join Westchester/ Rockland, NY Hub for their core divorce event – Divorce Boot Camp.Our vetted professionals will help you prepare emotionally, financially, and legally for what lies ahead. In addition, you will hear a brief […]

Vesta Informative Webinars for Divorce Professionals

These Informative Webinars are for professionals who have clients that are navigating divorce or post-divorce.This Webinar is for professionals who have clients who are affected by divorce, including the fields of:Divorce Law, Mediation, Estate Planning, Financial Planning and Investing, Accounting and TaxesReal Estate and MortgagesTherapy, Life Coaching, Divorce Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Parent Coaching, Health & […]

Key Legal Issues During and After Divorce – Vesta’s Hingham, MA Hub

Join us for a CONFIDENTIAL event that will educate you about the legal process connected to your divorce.The Hingham, MA Hub will walk you through the basics of the divorce process, covering the most critical issues one faces during separation, divorce, and life post-divorce. Our divorce experts will help you understand the process allowing you […]

Divorce Financials: Real Estate, Mortgage & Credit – Vesta Pasadena, CA Hub

Join us for a confidential Webinar to learn how to navigate the process specifically focused on the financial aspects of divorce.Join our Vesta Pasadena, CA Hub for an event dedicated to some of the most important issues one faces when going through divorce or separation: How to divide your assets, what to do with the […]