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College Planning – During and After Divorce – Vesta’s Newton, MA Hub

May 3 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EDT

Join our CONFIDENTIAL event to learn/ understand the complex question families impacted by divorce ask- – who pays for college?

Who will pay for college can be complicated for separated, divorcing, and divorced parents. There is typically no legal obligation to pay when your family is not involved with the probate and family court. However, the court might order you to contribute when you are divorced or going through a divorce.

Our Newton, MA Hub will present strategies for paying for college and applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (“FAFSA”). In addition, they will explain what to expect, provide insight into how you might avoid Court intervention, and discuss ways to plan for the future if a child is not yet college-age.

Topics Covered:

  • Post Divorce or if children are already in college
  • If you are divorced and did not address the kids’ college in your divorce agreement, you can take steps now to require your ex to contribute
  • If your income has decreased substantially while your ex’s income has increased since the divorce, can you take steps to need your ex to pay for a more significant proportion of the college expenses?
  • What happens if a parent cannot or will not pay for college as they agreed at the time of the divorce?
  • If your kids are in college, does that reduce the child support you are required to pay/entitled to receive?
  • What happens if my child follows a less traditional path to post-secondary education?
  • What are college education tax benefits available?
  • Traps to avoid when going through the college process with your ex-spouse

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We respect your privacy, so your attendance is confidential. When you join the webinar, your camera will be off, and you can choose to display only your first name.

Advance registration is required. During registration, please submit any questions about the divorce process. We will answer these during the Q&A portion of the event.

We will email the webinar link to those that have registered before the event. If you want to register for this event with us, please email team@VestaDivorce.com or call 1-877-355-7649.

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