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College Planning & Divorce Part 2– Winchester, MA Hub ~ No-Cost Webinar

October 19 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

Part 2 of College Planning for separated, divorcing, and divorced parents focused on strategies to plan & pay for your children’s college.

Who will pay for college can be a complicated question for separated, divorced, and divorced parents. There is typically no legal obligation to pay when your family is not involved with the probate and family court. However, the court may order you to contribute when you are divorced or going through a divorce.

Vesta created this two-part series to prepare you for the next stage of your child’s life. Designed to stand alone; however, we encourage you to attend both for a clearer understanding of the process.

The first presentation focused on issues to consider when you are going through a divorce and are planning for your children to attend college. The second presentation will focus on issues to consider post-divorce or when your children are in college.

Part 2: Post-Divorce College Issues

  • If you are divorced and did not address the kids’ college in your divorce agreement, are there steps you can now take to require your ex to contribute?
  • If your income has decreased substantially while your ex’s income has increased since the divorce, can you take steps to require your ex to pay for a more significant proportion of the college expenses?
  • What happens if a parent cannot or will not pay for college as they agreed at the time of the divorce?
  • If your kids are in college, does that reduce the amount of child support that you are required to pay/entitled to receive?
  • What happens if my child follows a less traditional path for post-secondary education?
  • What are college education tax benefits available?
  • How to avoid traps with your ex-spouse while going through the process?


You will have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance during registration and the LIVE Meeting hosted by our Lexington/Winchester, MA Hub.

If you are interested in attending and wish to maintain your privacy, we have designed these webinars so you can attend confidentially. When you join the webinar, your camera will be off. Also, you can use just your first name for the name display, and the only ones who will see your name are the Vesta Professionals. Other attendees will NOT be able to see you or your name.

There is no charge for attendance. However, advance registration is required. We will email the Zoom link to the registrants before the online event.

If you would like to register for this event with us directly, instead of via Eventbrite, please email us at team@VestaDivorce.com or call 1-877-355-7649.

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