Jaclyn Strominger

Jaclyn Strominger’s “why” is deeply rooted in her compassion and understanding of the emotional and logistical challenges faced by individuals going through a divorce. Having witnessed close friends and acquaintances navigate the turbulent waters of separation, she recognized the profound need for guidance during this transitional phase. She chose to become part of Vesta, as she aligns with Vesta’s purpose, navigating divorce better. What sets Jaclyn apart professionally is her unique blend of empathy, combined with her extensive experience in coaching and mentoring. She isn’t just a coach; she’s a beacon of hope for many who feel lost amidst the legalities and emotional upheaval of a divorce.

Unlike many professionals who focus solely on the legal or financial aspects of divorce, Jaclyn’s approach is holistic. She understands that divorce isn’t just a legal process but a deeply personal journey that affects every facet of one’s life. Through her tailored coaching programs, Jaclyn helps individuals rediscover their self-worth, establish new life and career goals, and build a roadmap to a brighter, more fulfilling future. She empowers her clients to move beyond the pain and uncertainty of divorce, guiding them towards a renewed sense of purpose and happiness.

In addition to providing emotional support and guidance, Jaclyn offers practical tools and strategies to help her clients navigate the complexities of post-divorce life. From career planning to creating a new life & family balance and rebuilding one’s social circle, Jaclyn’s comprehensive approach ensures that her clients are equipped to face life’s challenges head-on, post-divorce.

For those seeking a guiding light during and after their divorce, Jaclyn Strominger is not just a coach; she’s a lifeline.

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Email: Jaclyn@leaptoyoursuccess.com

Tel: 617-529-2092

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