Suzanne Blake

I began working with Vesta during its inception in order to give back to others going through various stages of the divorce process. My parents went through a tough divorce when I was 15, and I also went through a challenging divorce myself after 12 years of marriage. I wish there had been a support network such as Vesta during both of those divorces and am excited to be working with Vesta’s team of dedicated and collaborative professionals serving people anticipating or going through divorce. As well as being a certified career coach, I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and experience counseling individuals and couples through the divorce process. I understand the challenges, supports, and solutions in various phases of the divorce process, and want to help others experience a new vision for how the divorce transition can be managed in a positive and proactive manner.

Our career life can also be disrupted before, during, or after the divorce process. I have 28 + years of successfully helping all levels of professionals recover from their work or other setbacks. I enjoy working with my clients to navigate career transitions, and find the most optimal career direction to secure a more meaningful and acknowledging career life!

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Tel: 508-241-4504

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