Lisa Lisser

Lisa Lisser, founder of LZL Coaching, practiced litigation in NYC before retiring to raise her three children.

While at home with her kids, she became deeply involved in non-profit work. She supported her community as a public speaker and advocate. She designed community wide programs and was a sought after, active participant on multiple non-profit boards.

A lifelong learner, she went back to school and earned her masters in Jewish education while also earning a certificate in spiritual counseling.

Now, a CDC certified divorce and life transition coach, she is blending her talents and life experiences to do the work she was meant to do: helping clients navigate the turbulent waters of divorce by providing education, emotional support, and a life vest when needed that buoys the inner strength that is already present within her clients. As a divorced mom of three, Lisa understands the complicated process of divorce through both legal eyes and personal experience.

Lisa is thrilled to be part of the Vesta network because she understands the incredible power of working with a team of divorce professionals. During her own divorce, Lisa often felt isolated, disconnected and alone. She hired an attorney, but didn’t know she could even have other professional support or who that might be. Vesta offers the unique service of a community of support. Vesta’s power derives out of its recognition that divorce requires a team approach and multiple professionals.

What makes Lisa unique in the world of divorce and divorce coaching, is the wisdom, empathy and experience she brings to the table. Her background as a lawyer enables her to think strategically and help her clients identify issues that they may have overlooked. Her identity as a mom who has survived divorce after a long term marriage enables her to authentically say she has walked in her clients’ shoes. Her spiritual counseling training provides her with resources that allow her to hold her clients’ hearts and help them climb out of their dark holes. And her education background helps her understand her clients’ children and their needs.

Before they were called coaches, they were called leaders. Lisa’s 20 plus years of non-profit leadership enables her to mentor her clients so they can find the answers they need now, and create futures they had never previously imagined. Lisa’s key strength is that she makes her clients feel seen and heard. She tells them, You matter.

Lisa would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you through Vesta.

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Tel: 973-814-7687

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