Scott King

Scott King is a Nationally Recognized Boston based CDLP Licensed Residential Mortgage Loan Officer. As a licensed loan officer with 35 years of experience he combines vast underwriting experience to address your situation and needs to assist you in arriving at an informed and favorable decision towards your home financing requirements. Nothing takes the place of hard work and experience. There are no shortcuts in this business.

As a CDLP™, Scott helps divorcing homeowners make more informed decisions regarding their home equity solutions by understanding the connection between Divorce and Family law, IRS tax rules and mortgage underwriting. Scott will help you with your options and solutions whether you need to do an Equity Buy-Out to acquire your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s ownership interest or be able to purchase a new one once the divorce is final. Divorce is not fun and yes, some of the traditional rules of mortgage financing get changed when divorce is present.

Some of the common questions that Scott sees and helps to address include:

  • Is it possible for me to purchase a new home if I am still obligated on the mortgage to the marital home?
  • Can I use spousal support and/or child support for qualifying income on a mortgage?
  • I am receiving a lump sum payment rather than monthly support. How can I qualify for a mortgage?
  • I am obligated to pay monthly support, how will that hurt me if I am trying to obtain mortgage financing?
  • I must refinance the current mortgage into my name, can I pay off debt at the same time?
  • How do you work with my attorney and divorce team?

As an active member of your divorce team, Scott will identify and help resolve any issues that may create a roadblock to your divorce settlement. He has experience working with members of your team including: Family Law Attorney’s, Divorce Attorneys, Divorce Mediators, Financial Planners, Accountants etc.

Scott has spent decades involved in community and youth programs including: Lacrosse Coach / Boy Scout Scoutmaster/ Cub Scout Pack Leader / Rotary Club

Through Scott’s experiences, he has learned that all actions create a reaction and there is always a way to get to the end game. It usually involves compassion, integrity and a true sense of caring to get to the end game. Use him as a resource as you start your journey. He is very responsive and truly care about keeping his client’s dignity and interests at heart.

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Tel: 508-317-2927

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