Dana Paskalis

Dana Paskalis is a Certified Coach and Strategist, who specializes in transformational coaching for individuals going through major life changes, such as divorce. While going through her own divorce, she lacked the support mechanisms to maneuver the numerous decisions the divorce process entailed and to separate her emotions from the practical need to make sound choices for herself and her children.
Dana has over 30 years of experience in the biotech industry and enjoyed coaching individuals on her teams for years. Adding divorce to her high-stress executive career, Dana realized she needed to prioritize her physical and mental health, as burnout was becoming part of her narrative. She pursued a coaching certification to not only help her understand how to navigate her own transformation but to ultimately help others do this as well.
Dana is the Founder and CEO of Life Reset Labs, merging her passion and her experience in helping others overcome business and personal challenges. She has developed a methodology helping clients prioritize their own “reset” and obtain optimal results.
Dana is honored to be a part of the esteemed professionals in VESTA’s network. Through VESTA, Dana provides both men and women the opportunity to prioritize their healing, while simultaneously developing a holistic strategy to gain clarity on the cascade of decision-making necessary to move through divorce and start to envision what living their best life can look like on the other side.
Dana offers one on one coaching packages and retreats.

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Email: dana@liferesetlabs.com

Tel: 401-374-7044

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