Karina J. Solomon

Karína J. Solomon, the author of Sexy, Sassy & Starting Over, is a seasoned relationship, intimacy, and style makeover guide. She inspires her clients to recreate their lives after divorce, breakup, or widowhood, congruent with their deepest needs and desires. Her teaching style is bold and edgy, infused with light-hearted humor as she empowers both men and women to express their authentic, unadulterated selves.

Her insatiable appetite for learning led Karína to study with various personal development teachers and training programs beginning in her late twenties. Some of these include Landmark Worldwide and Energy for Success.

It was in her mid 30’s when Karína attended her first tantra intimacy introduction. During this experience, she had an epiphany that opened the door to working with several experts, including Charles and Caroline Muir, Margot Anand, The Institute for Human Abilities (formerly Morehouse), and David Deida, among others.

What sets Karína apart from other relationship and intimacy guides is her ability to fuse lifestyle and image makeover strategies into her consulting practices. She knows that a new look can be the perfect prescription for starting over after divorce or any significant life transition. Yet, her work as an image consultant has never been only about the clothes but rather about showing her clients how to present themselves congruent with how they wish to be perceived as they recreate themselves, particularly after a divorce.

Having gone through her divorce, albeit amicable, Karina can empathize with how challenging it is to leave the life one once knew and loved to find oneself in uncharted and lonely territory.

Her passion, insight, and genuine desire to serve, combined with being direct, compassionate, and relatable, leave her clients and online community laughing and loving themselves.

Karina is excited and honored to collaborate with a community of esteemed professionals at Vesta dedicated to serving their clients with compassion and empathy.

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Email: karina@successappeal.com

Tel: 415-755-7787

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