Elly Faden

Elly Faden is a life and relationship coach who works with clients to transition from the difficulties of divorce to try and find joy again.

She recognizes that choosing a life partner is potentially one of the most significant decisions in our lives. Unfortunately, many need more preparation to understand the long-term effects of choosing someone too quickly or before vetting the person thoroughly. Sometimes we need more spiritual tools to choose wisely, such as knowing about self-love and a healthy spiritual path that precludes trauma, neurosis, and bad habits.

Elly’s In-the-Know program provides tools for starting over and the ability to make healthier decisions. As an empathetic and caring person, Elly will see you through to your next step after divorce and provide a toolkit for making those better decisions.

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Email: ellyintheknow@gmail.com

Tel: 732-639-3593

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