Kim M. Ciesinski

Sadly, the word “divorce” has become synonymous with “destruction.” But Kim believes it doesn’t have to be that way. Ms. Ciesinski believes that divorce can and should be a process of restructuring the financial and parental aspects of a family unit through a healthy and positive process. Having a keen interest in public education, Vesta is a wonderful platform for enlightening divorcing couples about their divorce process options.

Ms. Ciesinski’s goal is to listen, understand, and acknowledge her clients’ needs and desires and help them restructure their families by reaching a fair settlement, with the least possible emotional and financial trauma. She strives to move clients through this often devastating experience by thinking out of the box and creating realistic long term goals to make the transition from marriage to divorce less traumatic. To that end, Kim focuses her practice on collaborative divorce, mediation, and negotiated settlement as highly effective alternatives to adversarial litigation.

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Tel: 516 308-2922

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