Leslie Fineberg

Leslie Fineberg has practiced family law since graduating from law school in 1991. Beginning as an Assistant State’s Attorney focusing on parentage, support, domestic violence, and enforcement of Judgments for Dissolution of Marriage, she developed a reputation as an excellent trial lawyer. Leslie is able to navigate complex negotiations to reach a successful settlement on her clients’ divorce cases. Her years of trial experience supplement her negotiation talents.

Leslie has always been drawn to listening to others and helping people create solutions to their problems. Divorce is an emotional and sometimes traumatic experience and it is important for the client to have a “voice of reason” available to help them through the process. Even though the first thing people think when they hear the word “divorce” is the destruction of a family— that doesn’t have to be the case. Leslie has the ability to help clients create new family identities, which are healthier, more productive and reliable than the family system they are leaving. She provides her clients with hope that they will develop a greater sense of self-worth and personal identity.

Leslie is straightforward with her clients and knows the law and how to argue it to the client’s advantage. However, she does not believe in fighting just for the sake of fighting. Every client deserves an attempt to reach a fair and amicable settlement and, if that fails, Leslie is prepared to litigate to get the best result for her client.

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Email: lfineberg@nottawar.com

Tel: 312-332-2915

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