Jason Tuchman

Jason was five years old when his parents divorced and he remembers it being a traumatic experience. However, this experience allowed him to become a better father and husband. In addition, he became more effective at communication and conflict resolution skills. Jason transferred his personal experience with divorce to becoming the divorce attorney that he wished his parents had.

As a divorce attorney for over 20 years, Jason believes that he can help people in one of the most difficult times of in their lives. He enjoys the feeling of helping or assisting a client get through a difficult phase and ending up in a better spot. “If there is a book written about a person’s life who has gone through divorce, divorce would get its own chapter,” is a phrase that Jason often shares with his clients.

Jason is passionate about having the opportunity to play an important part in that chapter. He chose Vesta because he believes that it takes more than one professional to truly help an individual going through a divorce. Vesta provides that direct, caring collaboration to clients that can truly change lives.

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