Bethany Bhattacharya

Having gone through her own divorce, Bethany understands the long-term dynamics and impact that divorce can have on an individual and family as a whole—particularly when it comes to real estate and the home. Real estate is a major component of any divorce and she is delighted to be able to combine her personal and professional experience to help individuals with their real estate needs in divorce situations. She also has the additional benefit of having 21 years of experience in mental health as a social worker. As a result, she has learned several key techniques and approaches in assisting others in problem solving and gaining clarity particularly around real estate challenges. Bethany collaborates and provides resources to ensure that clients have everything they need to make informed decisions and assist them through difficulties along the way. She believes no one should feel like they need to make big decisions alone, especially involving one of life’s biggest investments—the marital home—without the guidance from a specially-trained real estate professional who will guide them through every step of the way.

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