Michael Schreiber

Michael Schreiber is President of Aevitas Wealth Management and has provided customized financial planning and asset management services for more than three decades. A fiduciary and fee-only financial advisor, Michael has supported hundreds of clients in transition and has extensive experience advising those during and post-divorce. At Aevitas, Michael manages over $500M of assets for a diverse group of individuals and families, including business owners and professionals, retirees, and small businesses.

Michael is highly empathic to the grief and emotional process associated with separation, having personally experienced a difficult divorce. He is passionate about helping others and provides hands-on support to people of all financial needs. Every relationship is unique and valued, and Michael has always believed that the key to successful relationships is actively listening and providing customized plans for each individual and family.

Michael joined Vesta because the organization understands how broken the current system is when dealing with divorce and the pain that impacts all the participants, including children. One of the many benefits of working with Michael is his patience and ability to provide clear and easy-to-understand explanations of complicated financial topics that can be life-changing for individuals and families of divorce.

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