Kelly Powers

Kelly works to be the coach she wishes she had in her divorce process. Kelly needed guidance, support and acceptance, as well as someone who understood her feelings around her divorce. Kelly provides that to her clients and is thrilled to have found Vesta because they adhere to the collaborative approach she believes in around the divorce process. Coupled with a 17 year clinical background in nursing and advanced practice, Kelly’s intuitive, approachable nature allows her to quickly develop rapport and trust with her clients.

Kelly Powers takes a 4-step approach to helping individuals through and beyond divorce. When one is wrapped up in the strong emotions that often surround a divorce process, they can easily become overwhelmed, confused, and stuck. Step one involves working through charged emotions to remove those blockages, thus providing clarity and allowing the client to make the best decisions for themselves and their family. The second step is preparation, creating a plan to move forward. In step three, we put those plans into action. The final step is guiding the client to envision and create a beautiful post-divorce life.

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