Leigh Koechner

Leigh Koechner is a Spiritual Teacher and Empowerment Coach who teaches from life experience. After twenty-two years of marriage and five children, she found her marriage suddenly coming to an end. Her divorce was a life-shattering event where Leigh was suffering greatly. When she slowed down and started observing her thoughts, she was able to flip her mindset from fear to love. As she shifted, not only did she feel better and had clarity, she also created a space for her estranged husband to show up in a new way.

Leigh’s excited to teach the back to love mindset flip that continues to bless her life today. She is honored to be partnering with the powerful and supportive vetted professionals in the Beverly Hills Vesta Divorce Hub. Together we come together to support you through this new phase of your life. We’ve got you and you’ve got this.

Leigh will walk with you through your divorce while teaching tangible tools to stay grounded, set up a self-care lifestyle plan, and assist you in navigating obstacles that may show up along the way. Leigh tells her clients, “Divorce sucks, but you don’t have to suffer.”

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