Renee Mahoney, JD

Renee Mahoney breaks every stereotype of the buttoned-down lawyer. For 20 years, she manned a desk as a paralegal, supporting herself and her young child. Along the way, she attended night classes while working full-time, earning first a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from Newbury College, and then a master’s degree in criminal justice administration from Western New England College.

Renee then went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree from New England Law-Boston. She was sworn in as an attorney in 2009.

Renee’s non-traditional journey is part of what makes her an outstanding Hingham family law attorney. The other part is her devotion to family law and to guiding clients through emotionally and financially challenging legal matters. After practicing on her own for a number of years, Renee became an associate attorney with the David Kellem Law Group in 2013. Kellem✶Mahoney Family Law and Mediation Group, P.C. was formed in 2018. Although Renee routinely handles all family law-related matters, she is passionate about custody and parenting issues. This includes co-parenting challenges, parenting schedules and has also enjoyed appointment as a parent coordinator.

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