Troy Kaltenbach

Troy Kaltenbach is a Financial Services Professional with Signature Resources in Irvine, CA. Since 1965, the Kaltenbach family has been helping families and businesses to protect and realize their financial goals, where Troy represents the third generation of his family in the business.  This multi-generational experience helps him bring a unique perspective, while delivering a personalized service and a shared vision to his to his practice and clients.


Troy comes from a background that is different from many others. As a triplet and 1 of 4 children, he was raised in a household that upheld the standards of respect, equality, and a hard work ethic to uphold in every facet of life. Coming from a Hispanic-American family, of which he has dual-citizenship with the United States and Ecuador, Spanish was commonly spoken at home and he became fluent at a young age. This fact, along with a minor in Spanish has helped him with growing his practice in the Hispanic community.


Athletics have always been a big part of Troy’s life from a young age and so on. He and his brothers were drawn to the sport of competitive club swimming at the age of 6, and made the transition to water polo at the age of 10. Being involved in swimming and water polo his whole life has instilled a hard work ethic and determination that has helped him grow his practice.


As a student-athlete on the Division I Men’s Water Polo team at Long Beach State, Troy was able to help his team to its first Golden Coast Conference Championship in 30 years in the fall of 2018. Furthermore, at the age of 16 he became a critical member of the National Team of Ecuador, helping the team play in the South American Championships year after year, in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. The highlight of his career as a National Team player, was playing in and qualifying for the Pan-American Games in Toronto with his brothers in the summer of 2015. Played once every 4 years, this was a $5 Billion Dollar event and the third largest sporting event in the world, of which Ecuador qualified for the first time in its history.


Having been an athlete in the sport of water polo has given Troy the tools necessary to be successful as a financial services professional. It is attributions such as a hard work ethic, determination, and discipline that will drive his career from start to finish. As a third-generation Financial Services Professional, Troy offers a unique perspective to wealth planning and promises to provide his clients with financial plans that reflect their personal values, as well as both transparent and measurable.

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Tel: 949-930-2110




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