Sheryl Woodhouse, LMFT

Sheryl Woodhouse, LMFT started Born to be Balanced as a licensed marriage, family therapist where she has been assisting individuals, couples and families restore balance in stressful times of their lives. She offers 20 years’ experience in mental health treatment with adults and children to help them cope with relationship problems such as pre, mid, and post-divorce issues that arise, narcissistic abuse, addiction, conflict resolution and step/blended family issues. She has extensively worked with agencies and the family law court system in Southern California and Northern California.

Sheryl has helped couples navigate their tough decision whether to remain married or divorce. Sheryl has been helping children to understand sophisticated and complex adult terminology to do with divorce, in simplistic terms to ease children into their possible newfound life that has been involuntarily thrusted upon them by their parents’ dissolving relationship. Sheryl feels called to “normalize” this “abnormal” time for everyone in the family and to help reduce anxiety, guilt and fear about the future. Sheryl offers relationship psychotherapy services for men, women and children to develop strong relationship with self, achieve personal empowerment to live with intention and find personal satisfaction in life.

Sheryl offers a straightforward, practical and empathetic approach to healing where she utilizes her many years of experience not only professionally but also personally in the area of divorce. She addresses all stages of the divorce process and what to expect including discussing when it is prudent to date once again after the divorce process is over. Sheryl offers years of experience in the medical and legal fields and understands how it can impact individuals emotionally, relationally and financially and is here to help individuals work through their feelings of overwhelm, grief and confusion in how to start again.

Sheryl is excited to be part of the Vesta professional team in order to provide a full array of services that families desperately need to address a myriad of decisions that bombard them during the divorce process. Vesta offers the opportunity to avoid all the pitfalls of divorce from being uninformed of the many resources that are available to a family facing divorce. Vesta’s team is that “One Stop Shop Collective” for all those needs in one place.

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