Lisa Dooley

To help people spend their time more wisely, Organizing Coach Lisa Dooley has uncovered the true secret to organization: real change is internal.

Lisa doesn’t rely on bins, matching folders or alphabetizing. To her, these tools are meaningless unless people see their organizing challenges, and themselves, differently and can pivot and adapt to changing, and challenging, times.

Times of transition, like divorce, often lead to disorganization – from physical clutter, to paperwork disorganization, and time management challenges.  The home is a high emotion/high interest space and also a very important asset.  Staying organized during this transitional time benefits everyone.

Divorce is a transitional change that often cause organizing systems that once worked to fall apart. When disorganization takes hold, stress about it starts to build and you can become overwhelmed. The effect over time is frustration, low-grade unhappiness and even dissatisfaction with our home lives.  During high stress times, the effects of disorganization can become even more detrimental and negative.  Lisa’s strength is understanding where you are in the process to help you create an effective plan.  From a whole house declutter to prep a home for sale, to organizing paperwork to facilitate the process, to setting up new space post-divorce – Lisa has experience with it all.

For the last decade, Lisa has worked with couples and families throughout the divorce process to  break the cycle of disorganization.  Together, she works with clients to design a vision for what they want their life and space to be.  From there, we work together to declutter and destress so you can enjoy your life at home and work.

“We need to shift from being unable to enjoy our space, our work and our lives to seeing our homes as places of calm, rejuvenation and productivity,” explains Lisa.  “By being organized, we can find more space, more time, and more joy.”

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