Parker Babbe

A Partner at Commonwealth Financial Group, Parker has provided principled financial
advice to his clients for nearly a decade. He works with his clients through an intentional
wealth building process that focuses on the why behind important investment and
financial decisions. Parker’s enthusiasm for financial planning and investment advice
stems from personal experiences growing up where money was sometimes seen as a
barrier to achievement. He believes that if spent wisely, money can be a great tool to help
his clients achieve success in life, however they define it.

Parker graduated from Norwich University – The Military College of Vermont, with a
BSBA in Finance and Economics. While enrolled at Norwich University and completing his
ROTC requirements, Parker started his financial planning practice, applying the principles
and values that were instilled in him there: service to others before self, integrity, and
having an intense desire to learn, to name a few. His practice and his acumen for financial
advice quickly progressed from the days post graduation to its current state, serving over
200 individuals and families throughout New England and the United States. Although he
enjoys his in-person interactions with his clients, Parker’s practice has been capable of
providing advice remotely since day one.

Providing the high level of investment and financial planning advice to his clients is not
done alone. It is not reasonable for one person to be an expert in all areas of finance when
giving comprehensive advice. For this reason, Parker enjoys a partnership with the
Commonwealth Financial Group, where he collaborates with subject matter experts in the
areas of investment, tax, legal, and insurance to ensure that he is providing world-class
guidance to his clients. This also ensures diversity of thought and opinion to challenge the
status quo of how things should be done while not losing sight of the principles of sound
financial advice.

Parker is constantly thinking about his clients money, and their progress towards their
goals, so that they don’t have to. More importantly, Parker provides answers to his clients,
especially to the questions they didn’t know to ask.

When not working, Parker is probably running. He is an avid marathoner, and appreciates
the challenge of physically demanding tasks. You could also say that his running allows
him to pursue his other passion–food. Cooking on the other hand, well that is one area
that he has plenty of learning left to do.

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