Tanya Gurevich

Tanya provides education and coaching to parents on a variety of child-related topics, with particular focus on issues facing families going through the divorce process. In addition to her coaching services, Tanya is a clinical social worker and a trained family mediator in her own practice in Needham, MA. 

Over the years, Tanya has worked with hundreds of divorcing families and has observed, first hand, how emotionally difficult the divorce process can be on parents and children.  She is committed to working with parents to draw upon their strengths, address their concerns, and improve effective communication skills with the ultimate goal of reducing conflict.  As a parenting coach, Tanya offers guidance on talking to children about the divorce, developing parenting plans, introducing new partners to children, and many other aspects of co-parenting–both during and post-divorce. She is passionate about working with people of all backgrounds to address their concerns and empowering them to be successful co-parents.   For over a decade, Tanya was a practicing family law attorney and worked in Probate Courts as a custody evaluator and parent coordinator.

In her various roles within the legal system, she repeatedly saw the negative outcomes of parental conflict, ineffective communication and lack of co-parenting cooperation.  Seeing many families and children so adversely impacted by the litigation process, Tanya altered her professional path towards her current practice of counseling, coaching and family mediation. Tanya is also a long-time certified instructor for Parents Apart, a court-approved program for divorcing parents, and has presented at numerous workshops about parenting during divorce.  She has served on the boards of Massachusetts Council of Family Mediation, Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem, and The Divorce Center. Tanya coaching practice draws from her clinical, mediation, teaching, and legal experience, and emphasizes education, skill building, and collaboration to find practical solutions that fit the needs of each individual family.  

 Tanya’s decision to join the Vesta professional team was an easy choice: the platform matches her own goals of helping people move through the divorce process more smoothly, with greater knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind. Tanya holds a B.A. from Brandeis University and a Juris Doctor and Masters in Social Work from Boston College.

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