Magda Ellis

Magda is a certified life coach and divorce coach, specializing in supporting individuals in any stage of divorce and post-divorce.  Magda helps clients understand and navigate the divorce process, assisting with day-to-day questions and activities such as compiling information and reviewing key documents.  Magda also helps clients process and manage emotions so that clients are in a better position to interact with their attorneys as well as with (ex) spouses and others involved in divorce.

Magda’s legal and financial experience makes her uniquely positioned to holistically support her clients.  Coach Magda is also a licensed Massachusetts divorce attorney, a family law mediator, a forensic investigator, and a CPA.  Magda is also a divorcee herself and mother of two children – she has personally experienced the difficulties of divorce.  Although Magda has extensive experience as a lawyer, she is well-aware that the legal aspects of a breakup are only one part of the divorce process. Transitioning her practice into coaching enables Magda to support clients just as they need it.  She will be your friend, sounding board, cheerleader, conscience, someone who prepares you for conversations with attorneys so that attorneys may focus on lawyering.  Ultimately, working with Magda will bring clarity, balance, support and help you feel heard and understood in the process. Beyond divorce, Magda will help you connect with your values, vision and joy within which will empower you to transform and transition forward into new and better beginnings.

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