Lisa Malmgren

Lisa is the founder of Classified Image Consultant, where she helps her clients exude confidence and achieve success in both their personal and professional lives by building the best wardrobe for them. Combining her modeling and sales background, along with her keen style instincts, Lisa enhances her clients’ wardrobes by evaluating their physical characteristics and personal preferences so they can look and feel amazing every day . . . in as little as 10 minutes. Lisa specializes in wardrobe consulting, concierge shopping and makeover photoshoot for women and men who are ready to step up their style and image but don’t know how to. As a commercial actress and model, Lisa has worked with many top makeup artists and stylists for the magazine, newspaper, brochure, and billboard photoshoots, as well as television spots and training videos, for more than 30 years. Thanks to her 18 years as a top sales professional in the male-dominated luxury auto sales industry, she knows first- hand how projecting a polished image earns trust and access to better opportunities in both professional and private life. Lisa is a divorced mother of three boys living in Danvers, MA with their cat Champayne.

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Tel: 561-633-3540


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