Sosi Avila

Sosimo Avila is the Lead Mortgage Advisor for Team Sosi at Fairway Independent Mortgage. He has been serving families for half a decade in the mortgage industry and has built the team on the conviction to be consultative based in all that they do. They have a pay it forward practice that puts providing education before trying to be the financial resource in the transaction.

Sosi has a personal commitment in having his team help individuals while going through a divorce as he has experienced divorce first hand in childhood and saw the hard divorce his wife and step-son went through in her previous marriage. This topic is close to home for him and he is committed to ensuring that families have the accurate information they need to keep their home goals in tact as much as possible through this process. Being a professional resource to families through Vesta has allowed Sosi and his team to be a positive impact on their community and ensure each scenario is aided from a holistic perspective with the other great professionals at the Irvine Hub.

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Tel: 949-791-7429


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