Scott Levin

Scott is a passionate full-time family law peacekeeper and civil mediator. Scott exclusively provides mediation services for divorce and family law matters. Scott also reviews and drafts family law-related documents like prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Scott mediates marital agreements by having both parties openly discuss the terms together over a series of sessions. He then drafts the documents, provides the parties copies for review by their own attorneys, and then prepares them for the parties to sign. A good divorce is possible. 

As a full-time family law peacekeeper, Scott has had the opportunity to help people in all phases of divorce. When it comes to divorce, Scott serves as a neutral mediator for couples during a divorce. He also can be retained to review marital settlement agreements that couples have created on their own or with another mediator. Scott also serves as a consulting attorney for parties that need help with certain aspects of their cases but don’t want to hire an attorney to handle the entire divorce. Scott helps people navigate the divorce process so that they make decisions in their families’ and futures’ best long-term interests. Scott places great value on the collaborative approach to divorce encouraged within Vesta.

As a child of a very bad divorce, Scott loves helping people make the right decisions during their most vulnerable time. Helping families save money and time and avoiding a bad divorce enables Scott to earn a living by doing good. After years of experiencing the destructive “win-lose” litigation structure facing divorcing couples, Scott has made the choice to put clients first by developing a successful private mediation practice that fosters innovative solutions and mutually agreeable resolutions through collaboration, communication, and cooperation. Scott understands the value of a team approach to helping clients at all stages of divorce and is appreciative to connect with San Diego’s top professionals through Vesta. 

Holding a Juris Doctor from the prestigious University of Virginia School of Law and a BA from New York University, Scott has an eclectic background in private practice in business. Throughout his career as an attorney, in-house corporate counsel, tech entrepreneur, and alternative resolution professional, Scott has gained a passion for helping individuals and groups define and realize their preferred outcomes and in doing so focused his efforts on negotiating agreements that benefit all parties. Scott leverages his eclectic background and legal and mediation expertise to aid families through his San Diego based family law peacekeeping and divorce mediation practice.

Scott also serves as a mediator for civil litigation matters as he is listed on the San Diego Superior Court’s list of recommended mediation professionals.

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