Savanna Kuhami

Savanna is a Real Estate Professional, specializing in residential properties that involve helping families, both with the sale of their house, and purchase of their house.  Savanna deals with the process of helping families who are going through divorce and need to divide or liquidate assets involving the home. Providing families with the important data, and current market conditions, she helps families understand the importance of valuing these assets that are investment properties or primary residences. Savanna is also a Certified Property Manager and Notary.

During Savanna’s Real Estate career, she has helped clients prepare and properly secure assets, in the event that divorce becomes an option.  Setting up trusts for clients and placing an accurate value on assets involving Real Estate helps keep families informed. During the process of Divorce, Savanna has worked with families, providing concise information that allows families to focus on what is best for everyone.  After divorce, Savanna provides new beginnings for families with a process which allows them to purchase again, and begin a whole new chapter with more assets, and the ability to keep pace with the family’s goals. Vesta has allowed a platform for Savanna to properly help families purchase properties and still stay informed with what to do, in the event of divorce.

Savanna went through divorce 6 years ago and having so many questions that involved what to do with her then current house, she needed someone with a strong real estate background that could help answer many questions.  Savanna needed to know why to sell, and what do during and after the sale of the house. Savanna remembers all the questions the process cultivated, and really wanted someone with real estate knowledge to guide her. Vesta’s platform provides Real estate experts, which turned out to be her calling.  Savanna always wanted to help people see through the process with a clear path to success, and Vesta helps in doing this.

Savanna lived and studied in California as well as internationally. Savanna is skilled in connecting with people from all walks of life. Finalizing her education in Sweden, Savanna later relocated to San Diego to zealously dominate the demanding real estate market for the last fifteen years. Savanna began her career in the private sector, as a loss-mitigation team lead for JPM Chase. After working in the corporate field, she transitioned to working with builders and developers in helping them acquire land entitlements and proper permits. She subsequently marketed those projects and sold them successfully. She also helped families on the other side of the equation by avoiding foreclosure or short sale. Now she is a partner/owner at Zeal Property Group. She built the concept of helping people with their real estate needs, while keeping focus on the law aspect of the industry with her partner/sister.

Savanna is extremely skilled in connecting with people and identifying their needs with patience and nurture. Opening her brokerage, allowed her to follow her bliss and really focus on helping and guiding people through a strenuous process. Giving clients full guidance and support with their real estate assets, along with other assets is something that comes full circle for her and her clients.


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