Ruba Zanaid

Ruba Zanaid is a Life & Success Coach, Certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner and the founder of Healthy Living with Ruba. She helps people find the clarity, the road map, and the action plan to  achieve success, ultra health, happiness & a passion driven life. Ruba helped hundreds of clients worldwide and leads dynamic coaching programs, women circles, workshops and retreats on mindset, emotional health, confidence, communication, mindfulness, life work balance, health including lifelong solutions to lose weight and living on purpose.  She is a speaker, mom of 3 girls, half-marathon runner and a world traveler.

Over the past 10 years Ruba has had the opportunity to inspire and empower her clients with a result focused approach with proven to work tools, resources and accountability to navigate through many life’s transitions and taking their current life to the next level. She supports her clients with a clarity focused approach to breakthrough limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that kept them stuck, release pain and emotions that are no longer serving them, upgrade their health and body image and actualize their goals and dreams by creating an action plan to live an empowering and fulfilling life.

Ruba has a passion to help people elevate their emotional state and guide them to make sound decisions especially while going through tough life’s transitions like divorce. She has close family members who had gone through divorce where she played a huge role in supporting them navigate through it with dignity and self respect. She worked closely with clients who are going through divorce using her coaching expertise to equip them with effective tools and a compassionate approach to guide them through this process to the other side.

Ruba is Certified as a health Coach and Neuro Linguistic programming practitioner . She has a background in Medical Technology and Clinical Research. In addition to working with individuals and groups, Ruba facilitates workshops, retreats and trainings.

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