Peter Cannon

Peter Cannon is a branch manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage in Hermosa Beach.  Peter has been originating mortgages since 1996. With over 20+ years of mortgage experience; he has helped hundreds of satisfied customers who have used his services to purchase a home or to refinance their current loan.  He is committed to putting his clients into the best loan program that will help meet their financial goals. He is here to support you; not only through the mortgage planning process, but through the entire life of your loan.  Peter is committed to helping “customers for life”!

Why Vesta:  Through my 20+ plus years in the business; I have had to assist hundreds of clients through the difficult divorce process.  Whether it was helping my client stay in their family home or whether it was finding alternative ways of financing a new home; I find great satisfaction in helping my clients through this difficult process.  One main piece of advice that I would recommend to everyone going through a divorce or thinking about doing so is to reach out to an Attorney, financial advisor, a relationship coach, therapist, a Realtor, and a Mortgage Lender as early in the process as possible.

Please contact Vesta for assistance in all of these areas. Peter received his BA in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

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Tel: 508-801-7051

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