Paula Kahr

Paula is a Senior Loan Officer at Salem Five, with twelve years of experience as a mortgage broker. Whether it is a first time home buyer, a divorced husband or wife, or a family that is outgrowing their current home, Paula helps people to plan, strategize, and understand their choices. After a contentious divorce, Paula sold her home and purchased a new home in the same day. Based on her own experience, she grew her business working with people who are divorced or in the midst of a divorce. She counsels individuals and helps them determine if they can buy out or finance the marital home on their own. Or, after selling the marital home, she will estimate if a client will qualify for purchasing their own home. Paula also instructs individuals on maintaining good credit scores or how to achieve them; using alimony/child support as qualifying income for a mortgage, and timelines necessary to achieve the best mortgage rates.

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