Patricia Van Haren

Patricia Van Haren

Patricia is passionate about helping individuals, families, and business owners achieve peace of mind by developing and implementing creative cost-effective plans tailored to the unique needs each clients.

Patricia has been a practicing attorney since May of 2011. Prior to attending law school, she was a family law paralegal for approximately 20 years.  In that time, she acted as a Paralegal for several attorneys. After establishing her own practice, she used her skills and knowledge from her two decades of previous experience to develop her own family law practice with the best interests of her clients at heart.

Patricia went through her own divorce when her three children were very young. During that time, she was working as a paralegal and used those skills to assist her in preparing her own documents to present to her attorney.

Patricia understands the challenges of going through a divorce and understands that no matter who decides that it is time to ultimately end a marriage, the process can be a difficult and painful one.  Patricia strives to assist her clients in getting through the divorce process with the least pain possible. She also understands the challenges of raising children without a partner and seeks to assist families in transitioning to co-parents from being a couple.

Patricia raised three children as a single mother while working and attending law school at nights and on weekends. After graduating from law school, she established her first office and opened her doors as a sole practitioner.  The focus of her practice is to assist families in their life transitions and growth. Patricia’s office prides itself on being able to establish personal connections with their clients. While working at other law firms, Patricia realized that very often the attorneys knew little about the client or the family that they were working with and she wanted to practice differently.  Patricia’s understanding of the key to being a trusted counselor and advisor and the key to achieving the client’s objectives is to genuinely know the client on a personal level.

Patricia knows that family is important, which is why she wanted to create a family focused practice.  Patricia is determined to create sincere, long lasting relationships with her clients, and help guide them through life’s journeys and changes the best she can.  Patricia represents both married and single individuals with family law related legal needs. This includes, but is not limited to, adoptions, prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, contested and uncontested divorces, child custody matters, guardianship, military divorce, paternity cases and child support modifications.  With this experience, Patricia has become comfortable with understanding intricacies of property arrangements, and the characterization of property as it relates to her clients’ situations and needs. Patricia’s office can help you with family law matters through litigation, collaborative divorce or mediation.

In addition to practicing family law, Patricia works in the probate arena in setting up guardianships and conservatorships for minors, individuals with special needs, and individuals who can no longer manage their own affairs. Patricia treats her clients like family, protecting their interests as if they were her own, and make sound recommendations to help them accomplish their planning goals.

Patricia joined Vesta because she has wanted to find a way to use her skills to educate the public about the process of divorce and to help her community.  Vesta has the same philosophies that Patricia uses in her practice and she wants to be able to provide her clients with a collaborative approach to the divorce process and to provide them with resources that they will need to assist them after the divorce is over. Vesta can help Patricia achieve these goals.

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