Nikki Bruno

Nikki is a Post-Divorce Coach who helps people reclaim their power, find joy, and stage Epic Comebacks in their personal and professional lives in the wake of divorce. In addition to her involvement with Vesta, as founder of The Epic Comeback, Nikki works with individuals and groups in her Epic Comeback coaching and mentoring program, engages in thought leadership in both broadcast and print media, and speaks publicly about post-divorce recovery, high-conflict communication, verbal and emotional abuse, co-parenting, entrepreneurship, and intuition.Nikki focuses on helping people thrive in the later stages of divorce, as well as after the divorce is finalized. She understands that the impact of divorce reaches far beyond the signing of a final agreement, especially when co-parenting children is part of the scenario. 

Nikki strongly believes in the importance of moving beyond divorce in a healthy, positive, empowered way rather than allowing the label of divorce to define our identity and the identities of our children. Through her Epic Comeback Framework, which is based on cross-discipline study as well as personal and professional experience, divorced individuals reclaim and rebuild their self , their body, and their community. She helps her clients find joy again, rediscover and use their superpowers, and take bold action in multiple aspects of their lives. While working with Nikki, people use the strength and wisdom they gained from the divorce process as a springboard for discovering their life purpose, starting a new business or career, finding a new partner, reinventing their image, building a fulfilling social life, getting into fantastic physical shape, and other epic moves. 

Nikki was sidelined by a three-year-long, high-conflict divorce that impacted every aspect of her life, including her physical and emotional health. The divorce process began when her children were 9 months old and 3 years old. When Nikki “came out on the other side” of the crisis, she decided to change her career plans, summon all of her credentials and skills, and help people triumph over trauma and stage Epic Comebacks after going through experiences similar to hers. Vesta’s mission to redefine divorce—to make the process more humane, more positive, more collaborative, and more supportive—has resonated with Nikki since she first learned about the organization a few years ago. She is proud to collaborate with other Vesta professionals to provide resources, support, empathy, and hope. 

Nikki graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Anthropology from Princeton University, and earned her Ed.M. in Teaching and Curriculum from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Nikki has been a full-time entrepreneur since 2007. Before becoming a professional coach, she spent 18 years as an editor and writer in the book-publishing industry. Nikki has also been a high school English teacher and a youth nonprofit administrator.


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