Melissa Seipel

Melissa is a certified career and leadership coach who works with clients who are re-entering the workforce, making career transitions, working to develop executive presence, leadership skills and confidence.

Divorce offers a fresh start and she loves helping her clients regain confidence to reimagine their lives and align their careers with their most authentic selves. In addition to her involvement with Vesta, she works with individuals, facilitates groups, and provides training.

Melissa utilizes her extensive professional background in HR and recruiting to help clients make meaningful career moves with confidence. Whether clients are re-entering the workforce or professionals ready to advance their careers to the next level of success, she helps clients develop strategies to navigate each step in a process that can feel overwhelming, especially during or after divorce.

Melissa herself divorced nearly ten years ago. While the process was mostly amicable, the decision to divorce was very difficult for her and took longer than it should have. In addition, since the choice was primarily hers, she at times felt overwhelmed by guilt and left quite a bit on the table (the divorce was done entirely online without legal counsel). For these reasons, she places value in being able to help clients feel confident in their most challenging decisions. A child of a contentious divorce, she has witnessed first-hand how difficult divorce can be for families. She believes in the power of collaborative approach to divorce encouraged within Vesta. As she has done herself, she encourages people to find ways to use this challenging transition as an opportunity for personal growth, so they can create something better for themselves post-divorce.

Melissa received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), an ICF certified professional coach (ACC) and holds a certification in mediation and conflict resolution from Cal State University. She is also certified in the Grief Recovery Method and uses those tools often with clients facing divorce.

Prior to launching her own coaching and consulting practice, Melissa was an HR Director at a global environmental nonprofit. She cares deeply about both people and the planet.

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