Jylan Megahed

Jylan is “Your Legal Warrior” at M E G A H E D, E S Q. Inc.

Before deciding whether a divorce is the best option, Jylan educates her clients on their legal rights as a divorcing spouse and or divorcing parent. Understanding that the practice of divorce law can be drastically different than the letter of the law, Jylan discusses the realistic outcomes of each client’s case. She also encourages clients to seek therapy to improve their overall wellbeing during this highly emotional process. Once a client decides to retain Jylan, then they are part of her warrior community. 

They have access to her seven (7) days a week for qualified emergencies. Emergencies can be kidnapping, physical abuse, or a client being incarcerated. Jylan assists clients with disclosures of finances and assets as well as discovery of financials and assets. Once disclosures are sufficiently completed, then Jylan will negotiate a settlement (including the resolution of child custody and visitation issues), or put her blades up for the client’s trial. After the divorce has been entered, then she’ll ensure that an order for restoration of maiden names is processed and a certified copy of the Judgment is processed. 

She continues to be available to her clients for any post-divorce issues such as enforcement or modification. Our missions align! Clients cannot make informed decisions about one of the toughest moments of their life without being educated on the consequences of their actions.

Jylan graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  Since graduating high school in San Diego,  Jylan knew that family law would be fulfilling.


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