Jacy Olson

Jacy is a licensed REALTOR with RSC-D designation, specializing in divorce.

Her goal is to minimize the stress related to the real estate process, especially during any phase of divorce. She works hard to get the highest and best price for your current home. Her client’s best interest is always her top priority. Jacy also guides, supports, and helps transition her clients into their new homes, post-divorce.

Jacy personally divorced at a relatively young age, and her parents also ended up divorcing after 35 years of marriage. She’s currently supporting some of her close friends as they navigate through their own divorces.

Given these personal experiences, Jacy is aware of the stress that can come with divorce, and she is also aware of the positive impact that divorce can have, along with the excitement surrounding the opportunity to re-create your life!

Jacy graduated from the University of North Texas. She was a licensed REALTOR in Texas for 4 years prior to receiving her Real Estate license in California. She has also been involved with Giveback Homes and Habitat For Humanity.

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Email: jacy.olson@elliman.com

Tel: 214-597-3008


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