Garrett Kaltenbach

Garrett is a Financial Advisor with specialties in income protection, retirement planning, overall financial strategies. Garrett offers financial planning services for those considering or going through the divorce process. He helps by looking at asset and insurance options, cash flow analysis, and the future implications of the financial decisions people make during the divorce process. All in all, his goal in working with his clients is to help them answer the question “Am I going to be okay?”.

While he is not a child of divorce itself, he has seen the effect it has had on his family members who have gone through it. Coming from a background where divorce is practically seen as taboo, Garrett saw the effects that divorce had on his family members and the shame they felt for “failing” in their marriages. His drive for his work is fueled by a passion for helping others. He hopes to change the stigma around divorce that has left a dark cloud around several of his family members in recent years.

Garrett recently joined Vesta as part of their West Coast expansion. He found Vesta’s model and core values to be immensely powerful and a great fit for his own personality and penchant for helping others in need. Garrett understands the value of a team approach to help clients feel they are informed about the process to make decisions that positively impact themselves and their families. Garrett helps his clients navigate the financial options that they have and the future implications of those decisions. Most insurance and financial professionals help the client for a certain period and don’t offer services beyond a certain point. Garrett and his team are unique in that they help guide their client through the process, this is particularly important in the divorce process and helping the client in rebuilding their financial life after divorce.

Garrett graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Sport Psychology from California State University, Long Beach. Garrett has always had a love for helping and connecting with others which was a key factor in his decision to pursue a career in financial services. He hails from a family of financial advisors and is the 3 rd generation of his family to come into the business. He feels very fortunate to be able to help others while doing something he loves.

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